A Small Absolver Beam Rework

Guys guys, i just had an small rework idea for absolver beam.

What if When you kill an Enemy with the beam, It leaves an explosion That damages surrounding enemies too, dealing around 10-200 depending Of how high you charged it and how much power you got.

The explosion Size would be abit smaller compared to the bombs that appears in some waves.

Also, if the explosion kill an enemy, that enemy will also explode dealing more damage to more surrounding enemies, Of course that explosion will deal less damage than the first one.

This buff will let absolver beam become more useful in waves where Chickens moves extremely fast and aren’t standing in line.

Hmmmm, probably like an AoE effect on absolver beam?


i want 20 power absolver beam to fire 2 beams, like the laser minigun

BX spacecrafts already can do it.

No need for a weapon that does (infinite range) piercing attack and projectile deletion, imo.

Also got the idea for this. When you died and the Absolver Beam is fully charged, it will fire it automatic when you die.

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but bx spacecraft can do it at any lvl while this only works at lv 10

Then use BX-8 or BX-9. :upside_down_face:

iits a sugestion

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