A Resourceful Planet

Because CIU is an MMO game. I am thinking about adding planets that are actually carrying resources. So, how this idea goes out?

Basically, in the vast galaxies on CIU, there will be planets with only one mission type: Extract. In Extract missions, you will be fighting the chickens as usual, however, there are no bosses and after all x amount of wave is ended, you will completely completes the level. After the Extract mission ended, instead of rewarding keys, it’s will reward you with “Ores”. Ores are basic component to smelt them into bars, which can be sold on Henlley’s Geologist Store, and to smelt the ores, you will also required to go to Joshua’s Smelting Industry located near the sun due to the sun heat is hot enough to smelt the ores into metal bars. Every 20 ore or more is sent to smelt, you will also pay a hefty amount of keys in order to smelt them all. Spend those metal bars on Henlley’s Geologist Store for some unique perks and new weapons that you didn’t see anywhere in the CI series. Alternatively, you could find and see BuckleBeck’s Blacksmith Stall, spent your metal there to complete “blueprints” which rarely rewards you on Extract missions in order to test out classified items which deemed to be never seen by the chickens and the UHF as well.

You will also have another feature called “Auto-Extract” (Whice requires you to completed the extract mission earlier to enable it). When enable auto-extract, an oil-rig like icon will be seen in the middle of the planet, indicating you’re extracting them. Your extractions however, can be halted and eventually stopped by other players if they enter the planet you’re extracting and can expect to demolish your extraction if they needed (Which can cause disputes. Disputes will temporarily make the planet inaccessable until both solved the issue, either by asking for a temporarity access or have required licenses). To combat this, you will requires a Mining Permission License, with this License, other players can play the level there but cannot put their extraction or attempt to demolish it. Alternatively, you can also have the Expanded Extraction License which make other players can also extract on the same planet as you but they will have to ask you permission for it (which can be noted in mail). Every 1 real-life hour passed, you will be rewarded with ores and blueprints if you’re lucky and you also claim them through mail. Finally, the rarer the ore on the planet you come across it, the more valuable it’s become (to check about ore price, click on ore prices to know the result). What do you guys thought about this?

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What does MMO mean? :slight_smile:

Massively Multiplier Online, a game where you play with a lot of other players, like you know, CIU

Can I gladly ask you not to now enter here anymore and take your good bye? You really never learn. At this point we’re too tired of you and we wanted to yell at you but we’re keeping our cools down. Please get out from ciu immediately or try to fix yourself about your CHL problem? thank you.

Don’t go too cruel on him. He just asked what MMO means.


Woah take it easy right there. Dude didn’t do nothing wrong to deserve this comment.

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it was a harmless question

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take it easy, no cruel. He just asking about MMO :expressionless:

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I’m not actually surprised that people start to defend him after sometime. The thing is, I find it quite weird most people play MMO games yet, they refuse to understand MMO is. It’s like he’s using his same old trick again, “Acting Innocient” to gain the community trust again. I’ve experienced this and I can guaranteed alot of people will fail for it. You maybe have a bad feeling on those who make an ugly face of their own to the community, but you never escape their “tricks” to get your trust at the same time is truly pathetic for those who fail for their tricks. Now, since this has been dragging for 3 days, it’s time to bury it down and return to the topics. Thank you very much.

Wdym about that? Even he did or not, it’s not our business, and NOT the case to make another drama here, though

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