A recording program

Hello guys, I need help and I know it’s very dumb help, but I need to Find a good recording program for my Youtube Channel that have good frames and Hotkeys. Most of you are Youtubers and I need your help.


Bandicam (you need to buy it to make more than 10 minutes videos). And this is a recorder request topic, not a site feedback

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OBS. Free and no time limits.


Is it good with you? I mean That the frames don’t drop or something like that?

I use it rarely as my videocard has built-in recorder. For OBS, if you set it up right way, you will not find out what lag is. I was recording osu with it and didn’t experience any latence or lag.


Ok I will try it.

I use Fraps but I only recommend it if you have patience and at least 500GB of free space.

I use Debut Video Capture.
10 hours limit.
60 FPS (if you turn on the Fast Capture mode).

OBS is your best bet.


Thanks to TuongLamVN for telling me about Debut Video Capture, and Thanks to all of you. Your Solutions were great, too, but I can’t use OBS because of the black screen problem that I searched on Youtube A lot, but I couldn’t fix it. again, Thanks to all the people who could help me to solve that problem that almost Destroys my life.

Well it’s for pros so this problem is EASY to fix. Just add your screen in the record input :ok_hand:

Here is a Testing Video:

Idk but it feel like the frames has dropped and it’s 30 fps
Nice outro but it’s amazing not amaizing

OBS is perfect :ok_hand: it keeps 60fps every second

You don’t say?

@X-Space_Raven-X I gotta be honest, if this isn’t a bug and you actually only have ~0.5GB of RAM, then you’re gonna have a pretty hard time recording videos.

If he really has so little memory, then it frankly doesn’t matter what software he uses.


It’s pretty laggy, my old laptop isn’t lagging that bad

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Have you turned the Fast Capture Mode yet?

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Yes, I did

Just because i am opened a lot of programs at the same time.

Close them and it will be less laggy.