A quick suggestion for upcoming planetary missions

What I was thinking about: why don’t we make a special missions, which will go into your mailbox after the 3rd space race.

I read Space Race description and noticed that every race need to do a special task beside racing: Artifical retrieving. With that, I assume that’ll be how this mission mechanic work.

The idea is: As long as you’re participated on 3 different Space race missions, you’ll be assigned to this special mission. You only have 10 minutes (max, depending on random mission difficulty) to reassemble all artifacts you already have on 3 different Space Race. This mission requires a tracked terrain planet to fly.

What actually tracked means? The little plot I want to mention is this: Henpire launched an unexpected attack, which was to freeze the planet until it was devoid of life. Your mission is to go to the star system (name of the star system) located at coordinates (xxx + yyy) to quell the destruction of the nearby life-affected planet. (This plot sound actually same as CI5 first cutscene, but now with time limit.)

The reward for those who complete the task will be 150 keys.

So, what do you think about this? Any suggestions are welcome.

  • Good.
  • Not good. (Please explain)
  • Neutral.

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Explain it a bit more details: This will only count for each new space race that sent to your mailbox, not how many time required to fly 1 space race repeatedly.

does a chapter famously known for very slow movement and long gaps between enemy patterns, only stopping the camera sometimes seem like a good place for a time limit


The camera will keep moving, as long as enemies keep spawning.

To make things more intensive and challenging, well yes, the enemies which left behind without being killed will catch up and make a wave pattern, that’s when the camera stop.

In another case, if there’s already a group of enemies that made a wave pattern* , then those left behind will try to stop you (same as Terminator Chicken wave).

*:This depends on mission difficulty again, the easier the mission is, the less chance this will happen.
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Feels too specific and limiting. There’s no infinite random generator for artifacts and planet terrains.

Enemies left behind catching up could mean one speed-flying in your face, like when a coward chicken that’s terminator-chicken-AI flings away and then flings back at you like lightning. That’s a bit unfair.

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So we’ll just use the original mechanic, but I’ll suggest keep the time limit for that.

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