A question (important for me)

there is many players that make artwork or images of new waves how they do this and by using any programs


Some of them are made by Paint.net.



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I mean the program itself (DON’T click link of paint.net), you get it by just going to https://www.getpaint.net/


oh thanks i will download it and learn how to use it thank you very much

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you are welcome mate, and good luck on learning it.

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oh i hear about gimp and adobe photoshop i will try these programs

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Well, they are good too.

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and i will try paint.net @minasam123

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Any of these are good. Believe me, i can confirm how good they are.

you’re right but how to draw fictional things and fictional waves and bosses i don’t know that

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Paint dot net is a great program, it’s the one I used for my weapon reskin library a while back.

I’ve heard good stuff about GIMP, but never used it myself. And obviously Photoshop is the most powerful, but that’s going to cost you money, where as paint dot net is free (and there’s very little in photoshop that you can’t achieve in paint dot net - you just need a bit of patience and creativity to figure out how. :wink: )

Even though I don’t use many, there are also a bunch of plugins (basically mods, but for image software) available for paint dot net. I can’t recommend the software enough - just make sure you’re careful to click the genuine download link on their site and not the myriad of ads. :joy:

A lot of it is about editing and reusing things. A good experiment for a beginner is to take one image (something simple and abstract, for example, like the starfield background) and see how many different effects you can achieve by playing with adjustments, effect tools, and layering. The “paintbrush” tool is rarely where you will want to start, actually.


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