A question about star systems

Now in the new update, we can see the amount of stars, star systems, planets, etc. I have seen that there are 1024 star systems but only 1023 stars. Is there any star system without a star?

Some star systems have two suns, while others have none (specifically, the item marked ??? on your list counts as a star system but has no sun).

It’s only by accident that these numbers differ by 1.


That feels me uncomfortable… 1023…

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Try uſing 0-baſed indexing. It improves the feeling.

No it doesnt…

Well, it’ll be the index of the laſt element in an array 1024 elements long…
At any rate, it help me.

Now I understand, I knew about wormholes, they are star systems without stars, but there were more than one wormhole… But now I understand, there are also star systems with two stars, so making the sum there are 1024 star systems and 1023 stars. Just one wormhole more than star systems with two stars.