A Purge On Those who Begs For CHL

It’s seems that many youtubers or those with CHL always ended up having beggers all over from platforms to platforms begging for the CHL. While it’s unlock good features and such, you shouldn’t turn CHL become somekind of an item that is recievable and as well exploitable to death threats other giving it to you. That’s why I’m saying for those who are still begging for CHL, just stop. You people doesn’t have money so you go begging the rich to give it to you, but when they rejects, you become a bad person and see others that have thoughts on something to the game are lowley “slaves” and trying to surpressing them. The purge for those who beg for CHL is a “peacefull demonstration” to stop begging for the CHL. You could explore alot on your own instead of just showing your wealth and tramples on those who are low rank than you. The CIC will not tolerate any behaviors towards to hate against other for just a digital item. This maybe is the warning words for those who still begging the CHL, whether it’s worked or not, let time will tell. If they still act like that and never changes, just forget about that person, see them as an “empty squeaking basket”. That’s all I have to say.


maybe give the chl a description that doesnt make it sound better than it really is


say that it’s the best thing since sliced bread


POV: You own a Chicken Hunter License


not accurate (i dont post ciu videos)

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He’s have CHL

Imagine when I get a CHL, my comments will be full of beggars.

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