A proplem with connection

Hi so i started downloaded the game on phone so i can play in pc and my sis on phone but when i joined in pc the sis phone when clicked on my server it takes so long and the button join wasnt shown we waited too much time but didnt work same thing in pc in pc when i trying join my sis phone server the button join wasnt shown
Me and sis are playin in same house and same router my pc has no wireless connect it use wired only in pc i can join android users servers in phone can join pc servers pls help

Both your own and your sis devices cannot communicate to each other. Try to disable your firewall on PC, or use VPN to host on pc, then try again on your sis mobile.

Use vpn to host works for me, but at low chance.

Your router is probably blocking communication between LAN and Wireless devices (or between Wireless and other Wireless devices)

If you or your sister can use a VPN to connect to the internet, then that would count as an internet game (and not a LAN game), so your router would allow the communication.


I have a similar issue. AP isolation is off. And i use wireless on both my pc and phone. But whenever we try to connect to each other (LAN) it gives a NAT error. On my friends wifi, its a bit tricky to join as sometimes you will just get disconnected as soon as you connect or similar issues while playing.
Other games work fine on LAN.

I also have similar issue one day , my brother was trying to join me from android but he can’t even I was unable to join him.

What s your bros callsign in game

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He was played before but he don’t plays now.

Better now close the topic.


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