A progress tracker

Right now, after running a mission, you can’t know if you beat it or not. Make it so that if you beat a mision, you see that you already beat it, and on what difficulty, this way the game would actually be more fun for those who dont play for score, by making goals such as beat every mission and stuff.

Also, how about a limited ammount of keys from one mission? (while regenerating when not played), because right now whats the point to travel and play diffirent missions, if you can just find one hard mission that gives lots of keys and spam it untill you have best gear? :confused:

Ok, I’ve got it. I think “*” icon should be visible (or change colour) until you beat the mission. Last flight statistic could include button that will show you screen of statistic like after mission end.

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Well. There is a “last fly” statistic when you select a mission it will show you when was the last time you, but I agree it’s not so much detailed.

There is “location fluctuation” or something like that, but to tell you the truth travelling is actually useless as you can literally stay in one place and make challenges all time and not use a single fuel.

The point is that you’ll eventually get bored of playing the same mission over and over again.