A problem with logging in

I can’t log into the game since yesterday.
I am stuck in “Server” segment of logging in:

Could someone elaborate to this and explain it to me, please?

I think it is something to do with either my computer or the game’s servers, but I’m not sure…

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Tell me what did you log in last time

I’ve logged into my account as usual, but for some reason servers cannot connect me to the game

I have the same problem. It looks like server 547 is down
Can somebody check this? And how to know if this is the problem?

it’s just that the steam version is broken right now

Listen, we must talk @InterAction_studios about a broken server. Do you agree, and I am a Steam user and nothing happened to me

iA is on the break, though it seems that he already knows about this.


This is already so we don’t know how stop the game

the steam player counts will be suffering until then

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Oh what???

How did you know this?

Same here, servers 547 and 548 don’t work…

I’ll check out

Oh come on me too server 548 is frozen

Logins from the stand-alone game seem to work – only Steam was affected (what?! why?!).

I’ve restarted the server and now it appears to work. Let me know if you’re still having problems.


me too but I it took a long time to come in

@taxter789 and you @stevie Did you hear @InterAction_studios said it’s all okay and don’t Never hear any complaints again ;understand?!

The game is safe and I don’t want any mistake for you. Play completely safe

Thanks a lot, IA. Now login page has been restored and back online for all steam users.

Thank you :slight_smile: