A new weapon: Eggs gun

There are many eggs released by chickens, but among them are eggs that are floating in space because they missed and did not hit the enemy. So a machine was created to collect those eggs and create a new weapon.

Eggs characteristics are:
Each time you shoot, the egg will fly out. When they reach a certain height, they begin to fall. If they fall on us

  • We will die
  • No problem

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Level of weapon:
LVL 0: 1 egg (close range)
LVL 1: 1 egg (average range)
LVL 2: 1 egg (far range)
LVL 3: 2 eggs (close range)
LVL 4: 2 eggs (average range)
LVL 5: 2 eggs (far range)
LVL 6: 3 eggs (close range)
LVL 7: 3 eggs (average range)
LVL 8: 3 eggs (far range)
LVL 9: 4 eggs (average range)
LVL 10: 4 eggs (far range)
LVL 20: 5 eggs (far range)

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Sounds interesting but we already have a lot in our plates when we became a threat to ourselves with the weapon

It would not make sense to have an egg gun, because if the ship is destroyed by an egg that would be a bit illogical to shoot something that kills you XD



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