A new side to CIU's Shady Dealers

Y’all know the Shady Dealers from CIU that just roam around, and “evade the UHF blockades”, right?

Well, I was thinking about a new side to the game, where you could FINALLY use the Cop Spaceships from the UHF.
You’ll have to be in the top 1,000 in the League to get this position, so it’s not going to come easy!
When you get hired by the UHF, you will be given a new Cop H&C 401 Henforcer as your starting ship. This will have NO power limit, 3 satellite slots, and a custom paintjob.
(If someone could give me an account for where I can make fully customized ships with no key limit on cosmetics for the purpose of this topic, then I’d really appreciate it!)
As you get better, you will be given access to more spacecraft, like the M-412 Battlecruiser, the BX-10 Slaykiller, or the VF-86 Nightfalcon. All of these ships have no power limit, 2 more satellite slots than their predecessors, and they move faster. More about each of these ships in a later post.

When you find a Shady Dealer, you have the option to engage a pursuit, where you have to chase down that Shady Dealer by beating them to a planet with a UHF blockade. You’ll also have to speedrun missions as fast as possible, with custom enemies.
During missions, you will be using the Utensil Poker, with a custom firing mechanic.
You’ll be on Power Level 30, where you fire 16 Carving Forks at a maximum firerate of 8.76/s (base: 5.21/s). You also get unlimited Bird-Flu, but you ONLY have 3 lives. Also, you get one missile on every stage.
There can be up to 5 missions to speedrun before you battle the Shady Dealer himself.
He will use whatever he has against you. LITERALLY.
He can throw heatsinks, engines, missiles, and other things at you. And yes, he can use satellites and weapons. But in this boss battle, you’ll have health instead of lives. (50,000 HP H&C, 35K for VF, 75K for BX, and 60K for Muller).

Defeating the Shady Dealer will grant you 3 random items from his inventory, and 50 keys.
I’ll take any other suggestions too :slight_smile:

EDIT: You MUST be in Tier 99, and the top 200 in the league. Credit: @sympatheticdeer


Seems kinda OP overall but then again top 1000 is not easy to get.

Perhaps there could be a weaker version for just reaching Tier 99 like I have, without the unlimited power and ability to chase down SDs.

Also, what if players could instead become shady dealers as a reward for having enough items, keys, or completed CHL missions?

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EHHHHHH. oh no new ship…

League nowadays isn’t popular as it before, i can say if you joined the league with 490 or 500 points, you are good enough to be in rank 1000 or even higher, just play a dare. win it, then u even qualified to rank 400 or 500

Unless they make those spacecrafts exclusively for Shady Dealer chase missions only and NOT available for purchase at Galactic Store, kinda similar to pre-setting in Pot Luck and Budget Constraint missions?

Also, is it fine that for each mission, the exclusive spacecraft is randomly chosen for any mission?

Only the Red Herring Cuisine are good enough to be at Shady, it is just a rare cuisine that you can only find at Shady, but having a spacecraft in Shady, i strongly disagree this, just like you wanna unbalanced the game between the non-Shady hunters and the Shady hunters. Because those ships really have more benefits than the familar ships.
Also, creating more spacecrafts right now isn’t a good choice.

The spacecraft are NOT available for purchase. They have custom weapons that would be too OP for regular missions. The enemies in the custom missions have way more health and attacks than regular chickens.

You’re NOT buying anything from the Shady Dealer!
You’re going AGAINST him by chasing him down in a cop spacecraft.

Yes, these spacecrafts are only exclusive for these missions. They are not available for anyone’s use.
And they are randomized (but your first one is the H&C 401).

I have no idea what anything around this league stuff is nor does it interest me.

League is useless, it gives you nothing.

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It do be like that sometimes…

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