A new Perishable Item type!

It will make the portals/metals disappear as soon as the wave in 100% completed, it will help in Space Races a lot, it should be 3 stacks(you have to use all 3 stalks to make them disappear immediately), its price should be about 30 to 40 keys, it should be called “Urgent Magic” or “Urgent Power”.

For example: the missions which has portals in them, Wormhole, Heavy Metals, Chicken Vending Machine, etc…, in those missions the portals/metals will take a few seconds to disappear, this item will help in Space Races.

Okay, your idea item is to make any barrier on the field disappear as soon as they can when the progress meter reaches 100%, right?

It’s stacks not stalk

That’s what he meant actually yeah.


They disadvantage everyone by exactly the same amount of time, so I don’t think this is necessary. There’s no rng; the only way for someone to get an edge over you here is if they’ve taken the time to destroy all the barriers, in which case they’ve kinda earned it.

They are helpful in Space Races.

Woah, now that’s a super specific silver bullet there. It would work for a very small amount of waves and it would have to work as a perishable which is depressing as we would be able to use it for about one or two waves per mission. “It can help in Space Race” help what? The timer is same for everyone, and requiring even more items to even get a chance to be competitive is a big no.


Yeah… Waves with 10x health barriers rarely spawns

Besides check out Orandza’s post. We argued why it’d be better to get rid of special items for Space Races as a whole:


so it would be another item you would be forced to buy



Bad idea. New players cant join the competition, lack of keys. So why have to buy item to spare few sec when every one have to wait for them to disapear?

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OK, I get it I’ve seen the other replies, you didn’t have to reply.

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You give Ideas and we can not comment or what???

If you do not wish to read negative reply’s next time THINK FIRST before you post a topic…

I’am just surprised that there are comments even a day later that is not adding a difference.

Uh, buddy I think you mean reply/post? (bruh)


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