A new medal idea

Hello. This is my first ever post and I wanted to show you my idea for a medal. :medal_military:
Obtaining it would be pretty simple. To get it, you would have to eat all of the food that is on screen before they bounce off the screen boundary. Here’s an image for help (hope it’s understandable):

And obviously there would be two types of this medal, for waves and for the whole mission. I couldn’t come up with some creative names but i think the name for the medal for waves would be - Quick Food Catcher, and for the whole mission - Speedy Food Graber (or something idk).
This could be a good way to improve your reflexes or just a nice addition for those who want an extra challenge.
I haven’t yet come up with designs of those medals, so I might edit this post and add them in the future.
Let me know what you think of this. I know this might pretty hard to code but everything is possible. Thank you for reading my post and have a nice day. :wave:

Sorry for bad English :sweat_smile:


We already have the ‘eat 90% Food’ medal in a single mission…

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Sounds ridiculously hard for most missions but support

Great appetite achievement medal exist.


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