A new brand type of weapons:Alien Gun and Exploding Balls

here’s a new type of weapons will shock your mind and i hope IA make it in the game-first Alien Gun:this weapon is so wavy like yolk star weapon and its spread in distance like yolk star weapon, the weapon is Green and in max power level it becomes double in muller, VF and scout and becomes triple in BX and when its power increase its color become brighter than ever, ok this is the Alien Gun-second Exploding Balls:the ship fires a small balls look like comet chase and its colour is metal dark red, when it touches a chicken it make small explosion and it become bigger in higher level, its spread like photon swarm but has low numbers of balls not like photon swarm due to massive explosion- ok thats it this is the weapons that got in my mind i hope IA make them like what i said



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we are fester’s teammates, Fester help us create Alien Gun :eyes:

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in yo mouth (i had to)

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