A new Boss, Prof.Feathers

Spoiler Alert!

So right we have Dr.Beaker?,So lets make a counterpart, Much like The Party chicken and the Major Chicken.
The Apperance is: A Cyborg Eye/Wing ,Fat chicken with a Lab coat And an ID, Some Coffee stains on said, coat, And button in one wing, A wrench in the other.
His attacks are: He clicks a button And 4 Turrets (One on each corner), Start shooting Eggs.Then he clicks the buttton again.This time a Rocket sentry start lauching Egg-bombs that explode and the egg-splat will kill the player, Then he Sends Robo-Chickens, They shoot lasers and eggs with a “gun”, Then once the player kills the robo chickens, He starts getting his Wrench, And starts smacking the player, When the player avoids the smacks, He then throws it at the player and gets another one from his back, And the cycle repeats until he is gunned down by the player.

Also there can be a boss fight featuring both Dr.Beaker, and Prof.Feathers, The name will be
"Enemies United"or whatever IA Wishes :), And thank you dear reader for reading this boss idea!)
Edit(If you dont see Prof.Eggman, I changed it to Prof.Feathers)


sega on their way to sue ia after he adds this


get a load of this

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SnooPING AS usual I see!

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The more the merrier

That Stupid Hedgehog, MUAHAHAHAHAHA


If this boss appears in the CIU, IA will need to get permission to use the copyrighted character Eggman from Sega


Prof. EggHEN would be better

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See if you can make it through here, Sonic!

MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA, I will retrieve ALL 7 OFF THE CHAOS EMERALDS, and you cant do anything about it, MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAH? I’m SUCH A GENIUS


Oh sh-

Time for lawsuit

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