A new boss idea (im not stealing other arts i just found this only rabbit image on google)

i got new idea for a boss like remastered the chick boss that he can throw feathers i excited to made a new idea for a rabbit boss
the apperance of this boss will be like screaming of old boss rabbit voice after that he will start throw 2 giant eggs but it adds more eggs depending on the hardests missions and he runs away fastly if player brokes it a little 12 rabbits getting out of it and chases player and it hp its higher mean you need 5 shots of orange laser that in 7 power to kill them after player killing them the boss will return and repeat the attacks and runs away too but you can hit him and the boss had in his basket 6 eggs after broke them or when he at 50% hp the boss will start throw 4 little eggs and the eggs will be controlled and start chasing the player too and the boss will start moving sideways that he can dodge player shots but his dodging skills are poor that easily to shot him but taking time to do it and player can broke little eggs but every broke a 2 little rabbits will chase him and every player brokes a egg and killing the little rabbits inside it rabbit the boss will throw more like the another images also the little eggs increased from 4 to more depending on hardest missions and the player must dodge it and shot the boss to kill it and survive and thats all i hope you loved this idea can anyone help me for a useful animated my devise is poor to animating at it


btw this boss skin will have a better one (not like shown on those images)

Not bad if we add some more abilitys

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i have nO idea for phase 3

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