A new boss for Interaction Studios (Not for everyone)

As you know i send this for interaction studios, but i did on Gmail then nothing happens, so i decided to make this topic for interaction studios to see it, also i remake the name of black laser to dark laser

Name:Giant Robotic Space Crab V3.0

Attack:constant Chick Throw Three times, then shooting Dark Lasers at any direction in 2 seconds, constant Chicken throw, then shooting Left Laser beam to the bottom corner in 3 seconds, then shooting Right Laser beam to the bottom corner in 3 seconds, Constant chick and chicken throw, then shooting Both Laser beams at any direction in 5 seconds


Reward:Coins, when 15%, 45% and 75% is reached, it drops an Present, when 30%, 60%, 90% and 100% is reached, it drops an Atomic Powerup


Add this boss at any chapter



This boss really is a good idea to put this in CIU, like…there was a first version for CI4, second version for CI5. Lol.


They added my idea on theyr list: boss whit mirror shield, when we shoot him the same shoot go back to us and can kill us, when the shield is active.


Space Crabs 3:The Revenge of Yolk


Actualy, there were 4 of them: First space crab, space crab’s return, The King of Crabs and Space Crab V2.0

well yeah, but the first 3 were actually the same build, just not using the same attacks, iirc

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the revenge of crustaceans

Thanks for your suggestion! In one of our upcoming “Plan Updates” we will provide more detailed instructions about how you can suggest your own content. Generally speaking, we’re looking for new ideas as opposed to “bigger, badder, better” executions of existing bosses. But every suggestion is welcome!


Oh, yeah, you’re actually right.

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Good Idea EyadElimby.

Maybe 2 giant robotic crab bosses then the creator of these menaces.

To be honest, I don’t think it would be a particularly good addition, especially since all previous bosses are making a comeback. The Space Crab 2.0 in CI5 was a nice throwback joke, but I don’t think it would work twice.

THAT WAS MY IDEA, I came up with that idea before him! **

thee idea sounds good but why the V3 can’t activate its shield nor throwing/shooting minisuns like V2?

I do not want to be cheeky, but I think my Egg Tormentor is way better to be add instead of this one.


Boooring! dude u need to think bigger than a tormentor

He is 2 times bigger than the space crab dude

And more creative. I mean, the idea of making another ſpace crab is hardly original, is it?

Oh, I juſt diſcovered that poſts muſt be at leaſt 20 characters long.

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Dude, your idea could be declined because of health and even others!

If yours is better, then my boss is still going to be add

Because the attacks turned a little bit difficult