A multiplayer idea for CIU

Hey, I have so many ideas and I really really want to share them with everyone.

I’ve been following chicken invaders since I was like 4 years old, my dad used to play it a lot and now, I play chicken invaders universe and it’s so good, I’ve been enjoying it a lot!

There’s 4 ideas I want to share now.

Idea #1 :

  • Add Multiplayer chat, like chats or party chats. Like you can chat with your friends, add them, like basically chat yeah.

Idea #2 :

  • Clans. Adding clans, or guilds in another word, you can invite your friends and random people to your clan, and together save up and go against bosses and waves.

Idea #3 :

  • Play with a squad, duo or triple. You could team up with your friend and go multiplayer together with friends and clear waves and earn money.

Idea #4 :

  • It’s not like an idea but you could add more bosses, and more weapons, I think it would be really better for the game because I think there were 10 different bosses, can’t really remember, I think you should add like 10 more, and like more chicken types. About spaceships, you could add even more.

  • Here’s some off-topic thing, I just want CIU developers to read this, and please do not make this game p2w! I mean you could add buy keys and things but making the game really really p2w, please don’t do that! I simply love this game and I enjoy it so much, I shared with all of my friends and they play too.
    Also another thing, I know a lot of people suggested multiplayer, but please do it CIU, it would be real fun.

If anything I said here is already added, please correct me. Because this message was old and I wanted to send it a long time ago.


“clans” already exist as Squadrons, though they’re not used for multiplayer


Yeah, it was also planned, but they haven’t confirmed yet when it will happen


The main language in the general chat will be en?

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