A mode for ADHD player

Hey in this post I want to suggest a gamemode to be added for players that suffer from ADHD and can’t play the game correctly.I am a sufferer and it’s pretty bad.

How can you enter this mode?:
Once you enter the mode you won’t be able to revert back to the original mode unless 120 days or more have passed.Once in this mode difficulties will change.
For Rookie:The key drop chance will be the same but projectile speed will be slower(~-20%)
and enemies will attack in sequence/predictible pattern.Enemies will not be allowed to enter safe zones.Amount of objects on the screen will be reduced(~20%).
For Seasoned:Same as Rookie but key chance improves and projectiles are ~17.5% slower and screen objects are reduced to ~18%.There might be a slim chance that a chicken might attacks in a unpredictable pattern(Like location fluctuation).
For Virtuoso:Same as the above but projectiles are ~14% slower and enemies are not allowed to enter safe zones and screen objects are reduced to ~14% and enemies are more likely to attack in a pattern that is unpredictable
For superstar hero:Almost the same as the above but enemies can enter safe zones and projectiles are ~8% slower and screen objects are reduced to ~6% and enemies will have both predictable and unpredictable patterns in the waves.

That is my idea.For players like me and others that have ADHD these changes can help keep our focus.

And for daily and weekly it should be separated from normal and ADHD players.

Hope these make sense.

EDIT: The % are from the total object and base projectile speed.

EDIT2:Feel free to leave any suggestions below


I support your idea. It is not fair that some have better and others worse.

That’s how it is in life. I also for the first time seen ADHD and game accessibility. I’ve seen many of them: colorblind modes, deaf hearing modes, closed captions, text-to-speech, but ADHD is a first.
And the way of doing it is also like doing a new version of the game. With colorblind mode you only change visuals (or in the case of CIU, you only add weapon letters), with closed captions you also don’t need to change the gameplay, text-to-speech the same case.

I may sound like an asshole, but if you find the game hard to focus or hard then maybe, just maybe, it is not the game for you.


I know numerous people in real life who have ADHD. Some of them struggle with games in general, but not to a degree where they need a different mode. They typically take longer to get “proficient” at a game, but they don’t struggle much more than anyone else once they do.

Maybe play at an easier difficulty? Depends on what difficulty you are playing now, but if you are trying a tougher mode that might be the problem. If you can get confident on an easy difficulty first (and it may take some time, but nobody gets good at a game overnight, ADHD or not) then eventually you will be able to start moving up the rungs.

If you’ve tried that for a bit and it still isn’t working, I’m not sure what to recommend. I don’t just want to say “play something else” - but then again, for anyone (regardless of ADHD) if someone is not enjoying a game, the best thing you can do is find a better one. If you can learn to enjoy it even though you are not “winning”, that’s also good.

It’s a tricky topic, and I don’t want to sound like I’m just handwaving the issue - again, I know people who have ADHD, and some of them do indeed struggle with games. But they’ve also been able to learn and improve - it just takes more time and practice.

Also, some conditions just inherently affect gameplay - an extreme example, but if you are blind, then you obviously can’t play Chicken Invaders. That’s not fair, and I won’t pretend it is, but it’s nobodies fault and there’s no easy solution. ADHD isn’t like that, so it’s not really a great comparison - but I know from personal experience with numerous individuals that it just takes some practice, or perhaps playing on an easier difficulty.

I hope that I’m being clear and that it doesn’t sound like I’m disregarding the issue - it’s a genuine problem - I just don’t think the proposed fix is necessarily the best solution. If the easiest difficulties are still causing you problems, then making Superstar Hero ~8% easier won’t fix that, I feel.

This point in particular would cause a problem because people without ADHD could easily lie and trick the system, getting easier rewards and an unfair edge over people who genuinely have ADHD.

QUICK EDIT: Sorry for posting such a text wall, aha.


Who do you think I am? I just support this idea.

If there’s a significant percentage of players that play CIU happened to have ADHD, then maybe this should be considered. It’s not worth the effort making a new game mode which can also be accessed by players without ADHD.

Isn’t that why there are skill option from tourist to SSH? 100% in rookie isn’t that hard.


I have ADHD myself, but I can still play 100% SSH no problem. :thinking:

Appealing but impractical

Ok, there’s nothing wrong with that. My last sentence wasn’t meant to you, but for the author of the topic. That’s why it is in different paragraph.

I understand, everyone makes mistakes.

Thanks for understanding.Yes you are right about the lie to the system thing.The problem is that I can’t play hard missions in CIU I play Chicken invaders for like 5-6 years now.CIU is not like the other games where you could learn the pattern for each mission level(I know that can be done in CIU too but it is harder to predict the waves).Not the fact that I am not good at the game,the fact that my mind can’t react fast enough to what happnes in it is the problem.When I die in a easy mission that is my fault but is different for hard mission where waves chase you in a corner and the space is small and a big number of projectiles is thrown and you have to keep focus on your spaceship and where you are shooting at the same time which is a great task for me.But anyway Thanks for understanding. :slight_smile:

Nah you don’t sound like a Asshol**.I understand people have different opinions but it is hard to let go of a game you played for 5-6 years(The chicken invaders series is good and I will try to get a little better at CIU but thanks for your opinion anyway)

Yes it is not for rookie but try seasoned or virtuoso.

How?For me it seems very hard to keep focus?(What ADHD type do you have?(I-Inatentive H-Hyperactive or C-combined)(Mine type C)


There isn’t much of a difference then.I will try and play as it is for now

What in-game weapon do you use? Perhaps using something that requires less focus on where you shoot will help you devote more focus to the spaceship position? (Something like ion blaster, or photon swarm). Could be a good way to improve, maybe.

Also, just because CIU is proving a challenge doesn’t mean you have to let go of the whole series. I didn’t like the movie “Solo: A Star Wars Story”, but that doesn’t mean I can’t still enjoy watching the other Star Wars movies - it’s the same for video games. :wink:


I will try to use a different weapon.I currently use the utensil poker.I got a little better and farmer keys and got better stuff.And how do Heatsinks actually work?

The heat sinks make your weapons cool down faster.

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