A mission in a chicken

Chickens can get extremely large.So,I think a mission within a chicken will be great.There could be waves like “Acidity problem” or “Chick production factory”(Boss)… Something like this.I wish someone will take it further.


Interesting idea, but the chicken would need to be unrealistically huge considering that the player and the chickens are moving forward (the background creates that impression) every wave and there are a considerable amount of waves every mission. Now, I know that there are many other things that are unrealistic anyway and IA doesn’t plan to make this game too realistic, but this seems a bit too much for me. However, that chicken, at that size, would be like the boss of the galaxy xD (being bigger than all of the bosses combined, even though there will most likely not be a final boss in CIU). Instead, some missions could be “microscopic” and so the spaceship (and the chickens) would get incredibly tiny. This should somehow have a short story how the spaceship got at that size in order to defeat a boss that is big (in comparison to the normal size of the spaceship) and that couldn’t be defeated for some reason at the normal size. In any case, this would be an idea for the far future since there are many other things that need to be solved/added first.


Large eggs=Large chicks<Large chickens

In CI4…The final boss shooted a large eggs to destroy a planet…

I think the short story could be this…

While traveling in the space the hero’s space ships break got broken because of a hit from an astroid and goes right into a chickens mouth…The chicken recently ate a planet.(A chicken from a planet like egg)…Now the chicken can’t move and going around a sun…(My English is bad)

No one knows what the chickens could be like in their universe…(Except interaction studio)