A missing weapon category (consideration)

Yup. I have no idea why I haven’t thought of this before. Thanks.

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Although that ſort of by definition diminiſhes the effect of the main cool feature of the weapon. I think it ſhould be coded ſuch that boſſes take a large percentage of the exploſion damage.

Satellites do more direct damage than splash damage,so why not weapons,too?

Well I think I more or less finished working on the weapon.

Top beam: normal, bottom beam: distorted


The weapon works like described in my previous post: the first enemy hit receives full damage, after which the beam becomes distorted and damage per hit is reduced to 60%.

Damage table: (damage on subsequent hits in square brackets)

:zap:0: 400 (200x2/s [120])
:zap:1: 605 (275x2.2/s [165])
:zap:2: 840 (350x2.4/s [210])
:zap:3: 1105 (425x2.6/s [255])
:zap:4: 1400 (500x2.8/s [300])
:zap:5: 1725 (575x3/s [345])
:zap:6: 2080 (650x3.2/s [390])
:zap:7: 2465 (725x3.4/s [435])
:zap:8: 2880 (800x3.6/s [480])
:zap:9: 3325 (875x3.8/s [525])
:zap:10: 4000 (1000x4/s [600])

:zap:20: 5200 (1300x4/s [780])

No ideas regarding the name as of yet.

I think it’s fine tbh. The beam might be the same color, but I think there is enough of a difference. I don’t think I’d mistake the gift for Lightning Fryer’s either (and if IA deem it to be too similar, they can change it anyway).

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