A mildly infiuriating... bug?

Ok, so, I don’t know if its just me and my game is just acting weird or did anyone encounter this, but… how do I explain this… When you for example receive a Dare from someone, you click on it from the, I’ll call it “News” menu (the button with an envelope) because I don’t know what it’s called sorry, then you click on it again but in the Dares menu to see what waves it has, and finally when you click on the “Fly Mission” button, you just get thrown right back where you started.

Or another example that actually happened to me today: I wanted to go to a nearest Space Burger to sell all of my food, so when I find it, click on it, instead of showing me the button at the bottom of the screen asking if I want to go there, it shows me the menu with things like options, show other players, report players etc. (from the button in the top-left corner).

Now I know I know this might not be something REALLY major or gamebreaking but it can be at some points kind of annoying when you are for example: chasing a burger droid or a Shady Dealer, or if you just want to do something very quickly to not waste time and do your saved for later missions or just get it over with.

I didn’t want this to be very long but… uh, yeah I somehow made it pretty long. I REALLY hope you understand what I mean. I’ll try to add some photos for those that don’t fully understand.
That’s all I wanted to say. Cheers!

Edit: Photos

  1. Mail (1)
  2. Important (2)
  3. Then there would be a new dare you click
  4. Dare (3)
  5. Fly mission (4)

Edit 2: Photos of second example

  1. Found SB (2)
  2. Enter (3)

I’m still trying to wrap my head around this, so I’m not sure if I fully get what you said yet, but this is what I’ve managed to comprehend through this:

You clicked on the mail button, and then you somehow click the mail button again but in the dares menu, and then when you click “fly mission”, it kicks you back to the menu/dares menu/idk

And, when you tried to go to a space burger to sell your food… instead of showing you “Enter Orbit”, it just shows you the “Multiplayer Options” menu??

Frankly speaking, I really understand any of this. Is it on the PC version, or the Mobile version?

Side note: Your post is rather confusing to read… Please be a bit more concise, because it seems like you just wrote whatever came to mind, and just called it a day.
And please put spacing between paragraphs for the sake of the reader’s eyes (and probably mind).

something like a video or screenshots would be very helpful, as i could not make out what you are talking about

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This is certainly weird behaviour.

What kind of mouse do you use (make and model)? How many buttons does it have? Does it also have “thumb” buttons on the side?

Also, do you have any kind of joysticks/gamepads connected to your computer?


Don’t know if this is what you meant by model and other stuff

Nothing plugged in, no gamepad, no other stuff

Sorry if this isn’t what you meant

Model name already shown on your third picture. About Thumb buttons, it’s how those 2 side buttons called (check your second picture)

I suppose the left mouse button is having problem. Mine also has the same problem, sometimes if I don’t give it a bit more pressure while pressing, it just somehow “duplicate” the same click (or simply said, double clicks) in a very short duration (If estimated, about under 40ms).

It might be this because it also happens to me sometimes

As the owner of an almost similar wireless mouse, I can confirm this. (But it happens very rarely to me (but never in the game)).

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What I think is happening is that sometimes when you click, one of the thumb buttons is also pressed by accident. The thumb button (the bottom one, I think) will cause you to go “back” one screen. Try it out: navigate the game menus until you’re quite ‘deep’, then press the thumb button to see what it does.

If there is a option in your mouse driver, see if you can disable the thumb buttons altogether (I’ve disabled mine for this exact reason).


Omg you’re right. I just checked and when I pressed the bottom one I went back one screen.

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