A medal for finishing a mission by losing your last life

So recently I carried out an experiment to see what smashing into a boss with your last life did.
Result:Mission failed.
I feel like my time was wasted.
So what if we got a shiny medal for that?I

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Unfortunately, the UHF will only appreciate it if you make it back all in one piece, so attempting to sacrifice yourself should not make you complete a mission (you do get the 100,000 points bonus for defeating the boss, but you will also get -10% result assessment).

Well it’s a pretty rare occurrence…

There’s an item called “Mass Condenser” in the Galactic Store that increases your damage when you crash the enemy up to 150000 HP (50000 HP each, up to three of them can stack in the same mission)

I don’t see the point in this…give a medal for players who waste a life(and time) on purpose. Yeah,ok

If,maybe,on accident?

Well the game can’t know if it was an accident or on purpose.


I’d like if the medal said “For 100% kill ratio in a mission without ending up victorious”.

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What if someone missed one chicken in other waves?


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