A little glitch

Well, this is my first topic and it’s something simple that happened to me while I was fighting the chickens with the gun “boron railgun”, I fired the gun and at the same time paused the game by mistake, all that happened was this simple glitch which is nothing to write home about (same thing happens to the moron railgun)

(It may be that my translation is of poor quality since I am from the Spanish-speaking community)

That’s a usual “pause on initialisation” bug. It happens when the game is paused before the object in question was fully initialised, like when you join a paused multiplayer game and you see some cursed eyes of a boss floating around because of that. iA said it’s not worth the trouble it takes to fix it compared to the benefit fixing it would provide.

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there i was in the middle of the game i haven’t even started a multiplayer game and it’s just a simple thing that happened to me by chance

and I know, I always got tired of seeing that type of error when I connected with my little brother XD since sometimes they gave lag attacks and when it started I already saw a boss all deformed with the shirts of the chickens floating

Simply a matter of a frame-perfect pause.

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