A idea of boss

Lol i making lots of ideas and they failing well idk im just trying what happens
So the boss is acually shoot the core new and improved
This time satelites will defence the core (the apple)
More satelites will come and follow where you go like 5 layers of circle satelites will follow you you should pass 10 of them and each 5 layer 10%will move after that you have to shoot apple and that thing able to move too and you should attack the boss until dead i dont know you ll like it

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scrap idea



self voting doesn’t help anyway


I just take it good to see what prople say

that’s a good idea


Well sort, it’s totally not good idea it needs to more effort for the future.

quantity does not mean quality all the time

it’s better to make an actually well thought out idea, rather than suggest whatever comes to mind


Not usually all what regarding of purpose or even worse or similar than that. :man_shrugging:

Well it hink i told it wrong after finishing those 10 5 layers the apple will shoot lazer like mother henship i tried to make it a hard boss just cant help to have it better idea

But it is bad

Even one my my ideas havent been good😭

Just make another idea of your mind like new attack or something else similar to it.

It’s just a probably bad.

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There’s a lot of good examples of a boss idea on the forums. You can get inspired by the structure of each of those boss idea concepts to create your own good boss idea while making sure it’s relevant.

First, you have to think about your idea. Is it balance or not if your idea is added to CIU?
Second, is it useful or something harder, or interesting for everyone (not for only you).

iA might be added boss wisely.

I just made new changes but idk still check it but anyone can help 2 brains better than 1 who knows

Results hehe😅

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  • good you made it good
  • no bad
  • think more it can be better thats bot too bad if you update it
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Bro could you look first