A help for the first Chicken Invaders

So as we all know CI1 is pretty much unplayable on windows 10 which really sucks, but the original CI2 is playable when its not in fullscreen (in cfg file change bFullScreen=Yes to No and make bUseVSync=Yes to No too). This “option” isnt available for CI1 and i cant find any other way to play it, ive tried the voodoo method but didnt work. So is there ANY other way to play CI1 (aka not fullscreened)

I had no problems playing CI2 fullscreen on windows 10, but you might want to try a virtual machine.

He probably plays an old version which is not remake. In that case he need to use dgvoodoo, but it’s uncomfortable to play with emulated DDraw&DX8(or 7?)

Try to use Alt+Enter in-game. This should make the game windowed.

Dude why would you play CI1 i mean i wouldn’t but if you want i suggest you to download virtual machine and try it

We call it “nostalgia…”. I wasnt born when CI1 is out.


I know but then better download virtual machine i was born with chicken invaders 2