A few Wave Concept Ideas (by IceIris)

So I’ve had a few wave ideas (which are mostly inspired by existing waves) and I’ll discuss them here

Also, I’m sorry for the weak representation on these ideas.

The Incubator

Inspiration: The Hatchery
Sometimes the Henpire just needs a new fashion on old techniques. This is technically meant to be a new variation of the Hatchery, zoomed out with more rings of chickens and eggs. I’ve only put 3 of them together as an example image because I’m not good at demonstration images.

Supply Reorganization

Inspiration: Tangled Mess
A droid wave where a ring of droids show up, trying to both protect and reorganize a number of food items. Given the inspiration from Tangled Mess, there are two Anomaly Zones to better help the player destroy each droid. Food will be released once every single droid is killed.

Barrier Attackers

Inspiration: Three by Three, Trash Compactor, Double Helix
An “advanced” chicken wave as the Henpire tries to learn more techniques, where 5 sets of chickens protected by barriers show up from one side, another 5 sets showing up from the other side once the first sets have been defeated, so the player quickly has to switch sides with the help of the Anomaly Zone at the other side.

As I said before, I’m not very good with trying to represent my ideas through images, but these were fun ideas to think of. Out of all three, the “Barrier Attackers” are my favorite idea I’ve come up with and I hope to see them included someday.


I like the second one, it looks yummy
Also, good job on making this

Well made, but the incubator seems to be another lethal wave.

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It only looks like that because I’m not good with demonstration images. In reality, just take the Hatchery and give it a zoom out to allow like 3 more rings of Chicken and Eggs. If one of those would really be a “lethal wave”, I bet it would be Barrier Attackers on high difficulties.


Nice Megaman reference

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And then there’s the problem of the lack of lethality of Supply Reorganization, sure there are many droid waves where the droids don’t pose any threat to you but it would be a good idea to add the security droids in as well, in fact lemme suggest how many of them there should be on certain difficulty levels.

  1. 10% security droids on 50% difficulty and above
  2. 25% security droids on 75% difficulty and above
  3. 40% security droids on 100% difficulty and above
  4. 55% security droids on 125% difficulty and above

Don’t tell me that they’re replaced with security droids with SSH

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