A few questions

Sorry if this is the wrong place or if those questions have been asked before:

-what’s exactly with the stars that appear when getting close to a meteor in Meteor Storm missions? is it some kind of grazing system that makes them give more score? and how is the number of stars determined?
-what is the unoriginality penalty?
-what is the lucrative boost?
-what is the location fluctuation? do random locations get more or less score multipliers which can be seen with the insight?
and the last one;
-what is equipment perks exactly?

Thank you

  1. When meteors pass close to you, you gain extra points (indicated by the number of stars on the meteor)
  2. Playing the same mission two times in a span of 24 hours gives an Unoriginality Penalty.
  3. Missions with environment effects (Hot, Lightning, Singularity etc.) grant a Lucrative Boost.
  4. Some locations grant a Location Fluctuation bonus which changes every day. Get the “Scores Insight” to check them out.
  5. H&C ships have an Equipment Perks bonus for keys.

Thanks! One last thing I’m wondering, I’ve read on the forum about leaving the game during a mission in case we pick up a bad weapon so we can restart the wave with the one we had before; is that allowed?

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Of course, why wouldn’t it be?


Was just making sure since it sounds like something unintended; again thanks for the answers :slight_smile:

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It’s totally intended. The game saves your current weapon once you finish a wave and receive medals.

However, that doesn’t apply to firepower. Should you gain more firepower and end your session, it’ll revert back to the previous amount. If you lose firepower, this gets saved. Kinda weird, but it’s done to prevent people from getting back their firepower like that.

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I have a few more questions(all based on shops) that I cannot find information on and wasn’t sure if to make a new thread or just reply to this one: if a shop, for example Heroware, has an uncommon item, will it have the same item across all of it’s stores in the universe? Or does it have a different stock in different locations? Also are there more rarities of equipment, I’ve only seen uncommon so far. And I’ve heard the rarity items refresh every 4 weeks/a month?

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I think local shops like Heroware have local stock, which means different shops will have different items. Could be wrong.

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