A few questions about the future of the franchise

There have been a few questions about Early Access in general and the future of CI bouncing in my head for a while.

How long are you going to support this game?

Will it have the usual 4 year lifespan before moving on to other entries?

We know that you’re a 1 man studio, so what do you think you’ll do when you won’t be able to develop anymore?

If you’re thinking about selling the IP, you sure know this, but I still feel the need to say: do not sell it to the likes of EA or such, they’ll just bastardize the franchise into a cash grab.

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EA is not here though. At least it’s not a legit account.

I guess IA will continue supporting CIU for as long as he has enough money to pay for a server. So far, even without the hunters’ license (excuse me if I got the name wrong), IA has been able to maintain it quite well.
But I won’t make any assumptions. Let’s let the developer himself answer.

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Well it was an example. Just wanted to point out the fact that maybe an AAA company could be interested in the IP

While Chicken Invaders does deserve a lot more attention than it receives, I doubt a triple-A company would be interested in buying it. I’m pretty sure IA will be able to maintain the servers easily, and when he can’t, he can simply pass it on to someone trustworthy.


I myself are dubious too. But you never know.

What’s that supposed to mean?

I’m sorry EA but you destroyed my hopes and dreams… and I see you lurking in that sims server :eyes:

I had no idea this is a one man studio. That’s really impressive feat to have a complete and loved game series of 5 sequels now that lasts for years and years!


We make games with love and passion, Sims is still getting sales.

Don’t try to sell that bone to this old dog, your games aren’t made with love and passion. If it was that way, then why is that I can not see any paid DLC for my Need For Speed III?

Its a dead game, that’s why. We’re focusing on new games.

Old games should have paid DLCs too, how can I give you lot of money otherwise? I don’t like the new games.

Well that’s just your opinion, old games never get any new content because most of our players buy and play new games.

In the name of the whole NFS3 community: :sob:

Community which involves 1 person :slight_smile:

Guys, can you not turn a serious topic into a jokefest? Thanks


sorry, my bad. won’t happen again.


The topic is dead anyway.

I think it would be a waste of so many reasources to not continue it for as long as possible, so I see the game as lasting longer.


CIU has the potential to be the ultimate CI game, actually. Adding new ‘games’ as a separate Episodes (via purchase of course, just like a new game) would be the best way, in my opinion. All the games get the same bugfixes and upgrades, and you have everything in one place. And, it would open gates to try different stuff, like… play CI4 with a bomber? Got it! Use the Corn Shotgun on CI3? Got it too!

THE ONLY WAY of keeping this game alive is by making purchasable expansion packs for 39.99$, that’s how we keep our games alive and popular, iA learn from us.