A few ideas I had in mind

So I thought of a few ideas for chicken invaders universe and here are some:

First, the backgrounds, from the shop you can buy the CI1, CI2, CI3, CI4, CI4 retro, CI5 and the second CIU background, now there are definitely a lot of backgrounds to buy in this game, probably more then enough, but some are missing, now I was told on discord that those missing backgrounds are actually connected to the CI4 retro background (meaning that with those asteroids, the background turns red, and with the food robots waves that it turns blue, but never actually saw the evidence) but I think they should be default and be able to buy from the store, because in CIU you never really know which waves there are gonna be.

Second, reskin ideas, so you know there are editions for CI2, CI3, CI4 and CI5, like the easter, thanksgiving, christmas and halloween, and they basically reskin a lot of the stuff in the game, my idea is when those certain holidays come in, there could be an option to reskin the enemies, like for example, on easter, they could be bunnies, but on thanksgiving, they could be turkeys, and so on, you get the idea, I think that could be a cool idea, but idk maybe there are already CIU editions or DLCs planned so yeah maybe a waste of time.

Third, hud/ui ideas, you know how each game has a different style of huds, like CI3 is more smooth and has round ledges, but CI4 is more sharp and CI5 has a bit more shading going on then the other 4 previous games, yeah I think those types of huds could be in the game, hud customization, you could also reskin the title screen to look like the games from CI2 to CI5, now this is more of a preference idea but idk maybe that could be in the game, highly doubt it would be added though.

Anyways yeah those are some ideas I had, highly doubt they would get added but still thought of writing this, hope I changed something in the future and have a good day.

They aren’t the CI4 Retro Background, they are the background you have but recoloured.

This is already a thing for Easter and Christmas. Halloween is ignored because of 4 latest games only CI5 has Halloween edition.

Already suggested few times, either declined or postponed, don’t really remember.

Didn’t understand the thing about backgrounds.

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You can only speak English here.

im not very good at english im using google tranzlate i thought im writing english

Didn’t know christmas and easter already had their own editions, for the hud, never knew someone else suggested before me, sorry about that, oh yeah about the backgrounds, no real idea how you didn’t understand but I’ll try to be more clear now.

So basically, you can buy most of the previous backgrounds from the shop, something that has been a stable since CI4, there is also an extra background able to purchase that was not present in neither CI4 or CI5, that being the CI4 retro background (or the green version of the CI4 background, present in the retro chapter where you had to fight a bunch of space invaders-like enemies), now I was kinda confused why the red background (the one with those supernova chunks or to be more simplified, the volcanic-like meteors or something) and the blue background (the one from space burger headquarters and where you fight those food robot enemies) were not available to buy manually from the shop, so yeah hope I was clear enough.

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Because they are the same as normall background but recolored, while Restro background is actually different. And I don’t think an option to color the background will be added to the shop.

Can you elaborate about what the differences between the retro background and the other 3 backgrounds are? Besides the obvious color change.

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