A failing bug

I started a Bosh Rush mission this morning and I crashed a boss exactly when I closed the game. And now I’m still alive with 0 life and after a few seconds later, it shows “Mission Failed” letter. I don’t know what happens later because I truly died after that. Please fix this bug

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Huh, guess I’ll try that later

It’s impossible to do on purpose. In past you could continue playing with 0 lives until the next death so it was “fixed” by instant game over.

I died quickly after that because I was too concentrate to the lives. Also you say impossible, so maybe it’s a super rare bug?

I mean, it’s pretty hard to pause the game exactly at the right frame and I couldn’t do that on purpose. I’ve got this once, accidentally. With zero lives the game sends you “game over” even if you’re still alive.

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