A dumb question (Very Dumb)

In what Day CIU Game/Forum released

Please be aware of the fact that any topic not related to Chicken Invaders or related to the forum is a rule violation for making off-topic posts.
I can assume that troll topics also fit into the off-topic category.

If you are honest about attempting to ask something and it just didn’t come out right, please, try again. Otherwise be wary.


Why i did this topic so, i explained the reason to ScE of why i did this topic

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The problem is how you asked it, this sound like a joke for everyone what read

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Ok, i will change it for other best

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the first date you gave is when teaser 1 was released and the second date is when the forums were made public

the game came out on december 15th that year


That makes me wonder. Why did @Green’ post get flagged when they were only indicating what OP was quoting? It wasn’t spam nor a rule violation.


It’s off-topic.

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It absolutely isn’t, it’s literally related to the first post in the best possible way. It sounds like a call-out to me, and I would definitely not flag it.


This category is #chicken-invaders and OP’s asking about when will CIU be officially released. @Green just posted an image of a roblox conversation.

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OP edited their post lmao. I was here when the original question was still there. It said exactly what was on the screenshot. And y’all flagged the guy because OP decided to play it distracted and change their post.



Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

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