A discussion about Lunar New Year Update (a.k.a "Tet Holiday" Update)

Do you think there will be a Lunar New Year Update (a.k.a “Tet Holiday” Update)?

I think iA will be released this update before the first day of the year on the Lunar Calendar about 4-5 days every year and it will also be added some Lunar New Year songs to the game (similar to the Christmas Update).


I wouldn’t count on it, there never was an edition for it and it would need new textures and stuff


Still though, there are a lotta asian players and most of the internet’s population is asian so a poll might help convince iA of the fan support that this idea will get if it gets implemented.

Should there be reskins and other changes for Lunar New Year
  • Yes
  • No

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Hope iA will also add Lunar New Year (a.k.a “Tet Holiday”) contents

if the votes are controversial, make that the theme only visible for countries that celebrate it

The poll here seems to have slowed down, if there is no additional voter, I’ll close it in 32-33 hours from now.
Edit: Some new votes. If there are less than 40 voters by Saturday, the poll will close on Sunday.
Edit 2: Over 40 votes. If there are less than 45 voters by Sunday, the poll will close on Monday.

A chinese new year edition wouldn’t hurt. Though idk if iA could design all the models before deadline.


Time to bring this topic back from the dead to ensure that most people have already voted.
The rule of closing the poll on Monday applies if there are less than 45 voters in 12 hours from now.

Well, I forgot to check this because of online classes, but since there are less than 45 voters before Monday.

I’ll close the poll.

Well, the results were an almost even split, so iA may want to consider your option.

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