A couple more suggestions

Let’s just get straight to the point:

I think it would be nice if you could see your personal best score/time on a mission you’ve flown, especially on the space race and weekly challenge (the ironman and daily too, sure), so you know what you need to beat.

I would personally also like to be able to click after I died completely to be able to skip those 3-4 sec of wait time before I get to the end screen.

Speaking of personal likings, it might be cool to be able to use the arrow keys to select a slot from the equipment selection screen and just use the mouse to pick the desired item. I find myself having to go right and left and do many clicks if I want to fill every slot with something in particular.

Also in the equipment selection screen, why not have a button to pick which of your ships you want to fly with? Or at least some info that shows which is selected. It happened to me a couple times to start a mission and realise I had the wrong ship for it.

The special daily and weekly and all those missions can now have special hazards like frozen and hot and they do show a little icon indicating this before you fly them. However, clicking it does not tell the player what that hazard does. The only way he can find out is if he finds a similar mission on a planet in the galaxy and clicks there. I think the info should be in the special missions too.

And finally perhaps have a stat that shows the personal number of waves, score and time flown for the day and/or week. I think this one would be handy for those who want to get the most active recruit medal or just want to see how they progress everyday.

I’ve also found some things I think are bugs:

Screenshot 2020-12-04 005216
After playing a daily mission and returning to that menu none of the 3 buttons are grayed out. They only gray out after you try to click them again. I think they should already be gray if you played that daily mission.

Screenshot 2020-12-04 010459
This top right bit of the screen is not transparent while the rest of the HUD is.

Clicking on that last trophy should have the pop-up appear above it, pointing down towards it, not covering it.

Screenshot 2020-12-10 134428
The Positron Stream’s weapon description is not complete in the ship loadout screen.

If you get any points when dying it doesn’t seem to add them to your score. For example, kmikaze-ing the first chickin does make the “early bird” bonus pop up offering 5000 points but you end up with 0 after the death. (I did only have 1 life while trying this though)

EDIT: Screenshots weren’t showing up properly


Not necessary

Additional tip: you can just pause → surrender/cancel mission

Already suggested, many times and denied

If I’m not wrong that is a thing on Corn shotgun too.

It’s annoying but I’m fine with it

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I think this already exist in the game in top-pilot section. Correct me, if I’m wrong.

I reported in before:

There’s no point giving you score on your game over kamikaze.

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