A Codex and with waves and bestiary (Edited)

A new icon will appear in your profile and it will be called Codex or Your Codex, its main purpose is a record of all your waves encounter and chickens bestiary in your personal experiences. if you unlock something a certain icon will in the mission while playing (it pictures a open notebook with pen on it) appearing once and disappear in a short moment.

The Bestiary
Your records on your chickens encounter, ranging from how many you killed them, how many time you DIED from them (I’m looking at you coward chickens) and how many time they attack, that includes bosses. It even includes their behavior in a form of a description (its optional to add their behavior of bosses but its your choice to add them) and best of all your name this will hopefully end our concerns of players not knowing chicken species names. Its also as option to add lore to the chickens or funny sentence about them but you have to earn the sentence by killing them at a certain milestone. First statement unlock requirement is killing 10 of the specific chicken, second 50 kills, third 100 kills, fourth 500 kills and lastly fifth 1000 kills. the amount of statement to ask or hinder is up to you.

The Waves Encounters
This specify the waves you encountered ranging from how many time you beaten the waves, how many time you died from it, the difficulty range for when it appears, a marking of who the waves belongs to or originated from and a video that show beating the waves it updates whenever you have reach a highscore from that wave, a codex icon will appear if that will happen ( this is truly an optional move, you can skip this part to avoid putting too much time into this). On the bottom right of the UI will be the amount unique waves you encounter and beaten. Once entering the wave part of the codex distributer file that split the waves into whose wave it come from what game its was introduced on from CI 1,2,3,4,5 and CIU’s waves are split into whose waves that it belongs to. And lastly Editor’s note or Wave maker’s note, The notes is up to you on what to add the person who wrote it can be either the Devs or the fans themselves to write their notes and send it to the Editor’s note, one notes is required and it will be archived for the rest of the game. (Also an option to not add that suggestion to not waste your good time).

That’s is for new profile icon, I’m taking suggestion to further better the UI

Edit: I thought of something that will add a second option to the mix in the video of the waves, instead how about we have a simulation of that wave instead. On the bottom right of your current wave highlight a play icon will appear once pressed it give you the regular mission configuration menu but with two new switch exclusive for the simulation. One of them being invincibility if want to avoid dying so much (don’t worry the simulation gives you infinite or 99 lives if you deactivate the in invincibility switch). The second one being the difficult scale from 0% to 100% you can adjust you setting to you fitness, if you wave has a base difficulty of like 25% base difficulty you’re not allowed to go lower that. The simulation also includes bosses to practice on and rewards like foods, score and coins does not add up to your final score. That’s all.


Already planned as the chickopedia, might be only for enemies though


Well the bestiary is now on mind, did they say bout it that came to their mind

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