A CI x 東方 crossover fan fiction thing

I’ve seen many fan fictions lately so I decided to attempt one :smiley:

chapter 0

Narrator: Ah, the Milky Way. Our home, solar system (here!). After the last battle with the chickens, It’s time for our hero to relax…again. Earth is saved more…

Authentic hero: “I would like to order the world saviour’s special…”

Then…Some weird portal appears but both don’t see it.

Narrator: Yes, everything is in order.

Authentic Hero: is it me or I have a feeling of being watched?

Narrator: What? Another invasion? I didn’t setup these type of things. If it happens, well…uh

Authentic Hero: You can shut up now, author is stupid to write a story

Narrator: what?

Authentic Hero: forget it.

Authentic Hero: …

Narrator: What’s wrong?

Authentic Hero: I just feel something is rea- OH GOD WHAT IS THAT?

Hero screamed like he found a chicken ghost returnjng back to take revenge. Camera moves to the weird portal, authentic hero flew closer to it.

Narrator: ok, this is weird and didn’t set these up.

Authentic hero: I know

Narrator: What’s inside it?

Authentic Hero: eyes…eyes…more eyes…yet more eyes.

Narrator: …

A random shockwave knocked hero into the portal, spacecraft’s engine suddenly shut off.

Authentic Hero: Wait what the- AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Hero got out of the portal now he’s falling down with his ship, desperately trying to turn on the engine.

Authentic Hero: WORK DAMN IT!

At the last moment, the spacecraft’s engine turned on again. But he’s still falling.

Authentic Hero: KEEP HER STEADY!

Spacecraft stopped falling down with extreme speed.

Spacecraft: entering hover mode.

Hero: phew…that…that was close… *proceeds to slam face into the chair as he trying to find a bag, prepare to vomit.

Narrator: You ok?

Authentic Hero: …yes…fine…

Narrator: We arrived back on earth again…maybe.

Authentic Hero: What? The portal teleported mean back to earth?!

Narrator: yeah…


Narrator: uhh…it’s daytim-

Authentic Hero: timezones.

Narrator: whatever, find a flatland and rest there.

Authentic Hero flying around, finding a place to rest after that weird event but only seeing trees and trees.

Authentic Hero: can I launch a missle to create a flat place?

Narrator: you’ll destroy the environment if you do that.

Authentic Hero: sorry.

After he finishes his speech, he found a flatland to rest. Right at the moment, the Sun is setting down. He landed down, takes out his astronaut suit and get out from the spacecraft.

Authentic Hero: takes a deep breath ahhh, nature…

Narrator: Dangers are roaming around here. You might want to get back to your spacecraft.

Authentic Hero: sure. Later


Night falls, hero went back to his ship, turn on the GPS but found nothing but error.

Authentic hero: …are you sure we’re on earth?

Narrator: what? The moon just up there

Then the GPS function again…

GPS: Location: , , Japan, Earth.

Authentic Hero and Narrator: weird.

Authentic Hero: whatever, I’m gonna sleep now.

Narrator: goodnight, hero…

Hero closes his eyes and went to slumber for the next day…but suddenly, he heard someone is knocking his windshield…

<==To be continued
More to come, I need brain to write. Help me if could.

Read it on wattpad: https://my.w.tt/N4VLoC0Uq8


but why


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