A changelog button (in the game menu)

This isn’t a new idea and there is a lot of posts about this topic
But, I think it is a really important feature to add in the current game state

It is now hard for players who didn’t play the game for a long time to catch up with the new updates (like me), and it is important to notify players who aren’t on the forum about new content, or they will think that CIU stopped updating

The changelog doesn’t need to have all updates, mentioning updates after release would be good

To avoid translation problems, just images of new content would be enough :slightly_smiling_face:


Hmm, steam already has this feature in the changelogs. You are saying that there should be a What’s New button in the main menu. It will only show a few images of the new update with read more button which will take you to the forums. Cool idea though, but you can still visit the forum without an account


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