A bunch of new usable item i just thought of

No introduction needed, you know what this means

1: Time Interuption (Basically stopping time for 5 seconds, you can move while in it and won’t receive any damage from any projectile)
Description: You are tired of having the best engine and still can’t be faster than the neighbor kid’s ship ?? Don’t worry, with this Time Interuption equipped, you can move faster than the speed of light in the others eyes and make the neighbor kid smoking space dust. Your parent will be proud of you
Price: Around 50 - 60 keys per 3 uses

2: Splash Turret (Making your weapon shoot x3 projectiles in 10 seconds)
Description: This will gonna make your dream of create rain in space become reality, though please do it near the blackhole, otherwise i wouldn’t sure where all of those projectile will go
Price: 50 keys per 5 uses

3: Heat Grenade (Throw a heat grenade to the enemy, creating a big area of flame and deal constant damage to the chicken inside that)
Description: You don’t like the warehouse effect but still want to become a pyromaniac ?? This grenade will help you, with the temperature of over 9000 Celsius you can even create your own Space Fried Chicken. Be careful when using it though, it can turn you into the fried human too, and i think the chicken is gonna like that
Price: 50 keys per 3 uses

4: Quick Flash (Create a flash cover an entire screen, make all the chickens get stunned for
3 seconds, all the chickens take 50% more damage when it is stunned, the boss will only get stunned for 1 second but it will interupt its attack and it will stop that attack, but it will also cover your screen so it is harder to see)
Description: This little boy right here can make you a part time paparazzi, collecting pictures of the chicken before they die and sell them with an unreasonable price because it is rare. You can use this to make a flashlight party with your friend too, just remember to bring protection mask if you don’t want to be blind
Price: 10 keys per 5 uses

5: Glowing Bomb (Throw a bomb to the chicken, make them all can create keys when died)
Description: We have successfully brought Midas’s hand into real, but now it is bomb. This bomb can make you from a guy that can only use Moron Railgun and throwaway material into a rich kid that have all the weapon that has been created so far (and maybe bought the Space Burger too)
Price: 10 keys per 2 uses

6: Countering Orbital (Cover yourself in an orbit, all of the projectile when touch this will be spinning around you for 5 seconds before all of those fly away from you, the projectile CAN deal damage to the chicken)
Description: Some chicken are annoying to you because they shoot out bullet hell ? This can solve your problem and show those chickens what is karma. You can also use that to make magic trick in order to impress your friends, isn’t that cool ?
Price: 30 keys per 3 uses

7: Spicicle (Burn all the chicken on the screen, damage them and slow them down, including bullet)
Description: Ice and fire in one thing ? This product is perfect for you, with the hyper ion technology we have combined the 2 completely opposite into 1 simple hand item. I don’t know how it will taste when putting it in the food, but one thing for sure, it looks great
Price: 50 keys per 5 uses
You can add more idea in here


Time boost - confusing name. I also believe this kind of thing was suggested before. That price tag is rudiculous tho. 150-180 for just 3 uses when other superweapons are something like 90 keys or so for 9 uses.

Splash turret - decent idea. Basically overdrive on crack. I do think this could use a slight decrease in heat generation per shot, but not something like x3 less heat because that would be insane. But in the same way, it could use a price cut for being an inferior amplifier in a way. (unless you’re using a weapon with only one projectile)

Heat grenade - also not a bad idea. So its role would be similar to a missile, with a smaller area of effect but it would stay on-screen for a while. That would be amazing for waves with either moving enemies or enemies that come to replace existing ones, such as in pulsating grid. Also would be good for stuff like UFOs and probably bosses. This reminds me of Molotov from certain games I played before, and I can certainly say it was my favorite weapon, so can’t complain here. Just hope it wouldn’t be underpowered as heck because that would be disappointing.


I think absolver beam should have the effect of heat grenade, so it can deal with fast enemies
(only on charge levels 3 - 5)

nah it won’t be x3 heat increase, just like 25 or 50% increased (i’m dumb at balancing game)

eh it would hardly good except in some very specific wave like pulsating grid

all waves with fast enemies are impossible to absolver beam, and fire damage will help absolver not be specific to some high-packed enemies, but usable in bosses and fast chicken waves.
generally a buff to absolver is needed so it can be an usable but also fun weapon.


It will ruin the meteor mission but all and all pretty good, time to kill assasin chick

Don’t you think that it’s OP ? Stopping time give you a tremendous advantage, imagine what you can do with it in Ironman btw

OP? You serious? Its usefulness is comparable to a phaseout, just that it also gives you more time to kill stuff in waves like high speed chase. And it’s like twice as expensive. Decent is as far as it might go.

Well, so what happen when you shoot during 5 seconds tho ? I might agree that it’s decent but stopping time make iA having a hell of suffer to code :frowning:

I dunno, but that wasn’t your point in the previous reply.

Enough explanation ?

remember the knife when dio throw to jotaro ? yeah it will work like that

so you shoot while time stops, and then when time comes back all projectiles will go?

One word: multiplayer

Y E S it is

also what do you think about quick flash

another time stop but different

Quick Flash feels very poorly thought-out. Stunning all chickens for 2 seconds is nothing, and making things harder to see makes this superweapon even worse. It’s heavily outclassed by stuff like missiles because if you’re going to stun stuff for such a short period of time, then you might as well use a missile or mine to clear the screen instead which clears enemy projectiles too(you never stated this weapon protects you from dying, so that’s another minus). Also it feels too similar to Time Interruption(and it’s worse).


now it is for new player (the price is 2 keys per use lol)

Hmm. Well it’s certainly better now. I’m actually not sur ehow balanced that is, but at least it’s better than the original idea. That glowing bomb is what really sounds lit tho(no pun intended). Would be really epic for farming keys. I have 0 clue how op it would be for getting keys, but I love the idea.