A Bug with Plasma Rifle?

If you use your plasma rifle normally, it would use it’s “miss” sound, which means it’s not hitting anything.

But for some reason, killing your target with autofire retains the “hit” sound until you let go.

Not sure if it applies to Positron Stream and/or Lightning Fryer.


It does apply for the lightning fryer

Same happened to me @OneWingLunarian.

It happens to positron stream also.

Fixed in v.37

:medal_sports: Bug


There’s a similar issue with the lightning fryer in v37, except when using damage amplifiers. For some reason when you shoot the sound effect isn’t properly pitched until your LF locks onto a chicken. If you kill a chicken and keep holding to shoot, the sound effect will be pitched.

Decided not to make an entire new topic seeing that the bug I found is similar to this one.

Fixed in v.38

:medal_sports: Bug


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