A bug from giant space crab v2

I see a bug in Giant space crab V2.
This boss has a bug when it throws bright energy.
The luminous energy before throwing is slightly brighter than after throwing it.
Please look first, then leave a comment.

Is this really a big problem? Just asking.

i guess, that happens in real life too
just think about it
space is REALLY, REALLY, REALLY cold and the orb is REALLY, REALLY REALLY hot.
so that means that the orbs are cooling down and their color is going darker because they’re losing temperature.
that’s how science works

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(sorry for off-topic)

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Sort of. The only way it can loſe energy is via radiätion (and conduction while it’s ſtill held by the crab).


The reason for this is that when the fireball is held by the crab, it’s just a static texture (this is a technical restriction; items carried by crab/chef can’t be animated). When it’s launched it’s instantly replaced by a fully animated “solar corona”. The static texture looks similar, but obviously can’t ever match the corona exactly.

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