A buff for Party boss

Party boss is very weak regardless where it appear so here i propose some new features for it.

  1. Waste:

Its waste’s speed is quite slow, and i think if we increase the speed up nothing would change, so I think make the speed random for each waste can increase the change the waste check mate player. Another way is keeping the slow speed but the boss can shot slob’s waste when attacked (the boss already has that attack). And generally more waste should be released.

  1. Boss’ movement:

If the boss has moveset of sweater boss i guess it’ll be as hard as sweater boss. Now I think about it, Yolk’s moveset, Assassin’s moveset, or even UCO’s moveset can work, but stealing moveset from another maybe not the right thing to do. I propose lower the bottom limit of the boss, make it go closer to player, and increase boss’ speed. (Edit: This change only apply to standard boss fight.)

  1. How much buff?

Party boss should be as dangerous as Military boss, when it appear in other boss fights the zoom will make it significantly less hazardous so no need to nerf it on them.

Here are some of my thoughts on your suggestion.

Not true. This actually makes the fight EVEN easier. Would you rather have a screen full of slow bullets that can eventually wall you in, or fast bullets that leave the screen within 2 seconds? I’d choose the former if you want a harder boss.

How often will this happen? Will it be telegraphed?


Although this would be fine for an individual boss, this would not be good for Brothers Reunited.
Party Chicken serves more as a “Support” rather than an “Offense” type of boss in Reunited.

Really? You’re adding a guy that follows you, along with having to dodge grenades that go in random directions, and knives that go straight for you. Good luck even trying to do that if party chicken decides to get close, and crap a bunch of waste on you while you’re stuck with dodging other stuff.

All in All, party chicken does not really need such a change. All it really needs is just a faster firing rate. Fast enough to potentially trap the player, along with that “Slob” attack occasionally being fired.
This would be good enough for a change.


Not that fast, imagine asteroid wave but the asteroids are waste.

The same rate as a slob in same difficulty but i think one per fight should be guaranteed.

I don’t know what does this mean sorry.

This change is only for standard boss fight.

No it doesn’t chase player what do you mean of course noway you should come close to it.

Google it. I do not want to spell everything out.

Please add this to your post then.

“make it go closer to player, and increase boss’ speed.”
It technically is “chasing” the player, if it does that.

Edited the post

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It would help make it more difficult and I would support buffing the spawnrate of waste by 10-15% but the real problem with this boss is the lack of dynamic…

I would instead propose the addition of slobs into the boss battle since IMO they kinda get together quite well. Whenever the Party Chicken loses 33% and 66%, three terminator Slobs come from a random direction.
It would make for a much more entertaining fight instead of the Party Chicken itself doing the slob attacks. Keep in mind that the Slob terminators are meant only for the Solo boss fight, so don’t expect them to show up in Brothers Reunited and Chicken Exponentiality as that would be a tad too much for most players…

So whaddya think?


That’s too out of the box.

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