A Bonus Key Criteria to stop the key investment problem. (Bonus Key 2.0)

This is an improvement to the previous Bonus Key QOL idea topic I’d made.
You do not need to read the last topic to understand this one, since the new version is so different, it’s hardly recognizable.

Anyways, as I mentioned in this problem, which can be summed up as such: Investing keys in important “consumable” items almost always nets you with a negative key gain, it’s often better not to use them, at all.

To counter this, I thought of this solution, called “Bonus Key”, that simply adds a new criteria which rewards you a set amount of keys based on how many items you’ve used in the mission.

Here are the new details to this suggestion that I’ve designed after giving it some more time balancing the entire thing: (click on the arrows for explainers)

The amount of keys awarded = 35% of the Galactic Store price of each item used during the mission.
  • A 35% refund on items used is enough to have a good key gain when a mission is won when items are used, but also gives you some of the items back if you’ve used the items but still lose the mission.
    The key word here is “some”, since failing should still be punishing, but by this point, players should have learnt something about their experience that would improve their later attempts.
  • Plus, the lowest buy sale is 45% (given by Shady Dealers), so no dupe machine here.
    (Also, no edits required for shops this time, which is nice!)
Bonus Key will not be affected by any other key reward percentages.
  • This is to ensure that Bonus Key cannot be combined with other reward criterias to potentially make a dupe machine.
Bonus Key will not be activated in Key Rush and the more competitive stuff like Space Race, Iron Man, the Hard version of Daily Mission/Weapons Training, the Galactic Cup, and when dares are involved when doing planetary missions.
  • This is to preserve the natural competitive spirit of these missions, as well as to preserve the risk you’ve accepted when flying these more competitive missions.
  • I have excluded the hard planetary missions from this list for a reason.
    As a beginner, you don’t know your actual odds of success by just looking at it’s length AND difficulty. What if the mission is short, but the difficulty is high? Would I be able to pass that? What if it was the other way around? Is it easy enough for me to do? …
    Most of the time, since you don’t know the game that wall, you’d say “yes”, only to eventually realize that’s out of your reach (by dying and losing alot of items along the way). After about 1-2 fails they should understand that they are not yet ready for those missions by themselves, but without Bonus Key, they’d be left without anything to start again, and not a lot of keys to buy back what you’ve lost.
Consumables are all items in the Auto Use, Perishables, and Special Weapons category.
  • These are the items that tends to be used up once a mission is over, fail or success.

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