A big problem about the weapon limit

Okay so when iA updated the ship families so that certain families have weapon power limit, i felt that the H&Cs are gonna be very underpowered while BXs became not much of a bomber they used to be and mullers became less unique
I want to point out 3 things in this post:

  1. How this makes it hard dor people who uses H&Cs in hard missions
  2. How BX became less powerful
  3. Mullers are a lot less unique
    One more thing: I am not critisizing iA for making this update or pointing that it’s his fault or anything. All i am trying to say that it makes the ship too sometimes too underpowered

For the H&Cs, iA kinda make them felt a bit underwhelming for new players, as before the H&Cs are just mullers but then have such a small hitbox that it helped players survive in lots that mullers usually cant. Firepower is something that all of us will need to even survive the bosses and obviously complete the mission. The weapon limit of H&Cs arent very low but at the same time it’s not very strong too. Making them 8-9-10 is gonna be oretty underpowered so why dont make it 10-11-12, because if the H&C 101 only has 8 fp it would be considerable low
For the BXs, limiting it to 14-16-18 is kinda okay but what really sparks here is that it will nevee have that strengh it had before and making these ship trade off speed for fp isnt worth it anymore
For the mullers, why i consider it to be not so unique anymore is that this ship just feels like the H&C family but just stronger and bigger hitbox, it doesnt feel right to buy this ship anymore
The VFs how ever is atleast considerable since these ship are mainly for environment missions and you do need the firepower

That’s all for what i have to say, again i am not critisizing iA for making this way, it was his choice, all i am doing to trying to suggest a change
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H&Cs are meant to be a ship for beginners. The starter 101 used to be one of the best ships for general use due to having the power of a Muller with a small hitbox and a +18% key equipment bonus, and it was only lacking in satellite slots.

I don’t understand why Mullers were “more unique” before when they were literally the same as H&Cs but with more satellite slots, a larger hitbox and without a key bonus. At least now there is some kind of power difference between them.


You could entirely grind the whole universe with the ship you got to start with
Besides now it still has the least hitbox

11-12 is the same as 10 (not for BX), it’ll make spacecrafts in that family’ fp identical and most people would aim for the best stat ship instead

I agree. Two kind of ships, one moves slower with weaker firepower, and bigger hitbox, so why not the better one, slot does not matter
It would be better for each spacecraft to have their own slots (could be increased in future updates), not including the additional extra slots bought
The advantage Mullers has is if you’re using it on a long mission which can get you a 20 fp cap, then it would be better, else it’s mainly the speed, which is sometimes useful, since most actions doesn’t require you to move as much


This change has worked, too. I still like the key perk on my 101, but when I’m not flying for keys (competitive missions, plain fun, etc) I find myself using something else. And when I do use the 101, I feel like I’m actually earning that reward from the mission because my max power is so much lower.

It’s a change that makes the game more challenging and less rewarding for me personally, but from a design perspective it is great because I now have to actually choose between my spaceships depending on why and what I’m flying.


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