A annoying instant death bug in pause menu

This bug make me end session everytime when there are chickens in “resume” button for avoid a instant death when taping “resume”
There are also some weird frame bug but that’s don’t affect the gameplay (apart from distracting for 0.5sec)


Huh? what

There is one frame where the ship is in resume button , if chickens are in this button it makes instant death (when i played in ci5)

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Thank you – we know about this and are working to fix it.


The bug still persist in 6.1

I actually never had this problem, so I feel bad for everyone.

What about little delay like “3, 2, 1, fight” or barely noticeable delay after clicking resume button? During this delay you can force mouse pointer to jump on current ship position. Or little input delay, when you can’t move the ship during 3ms after clicking resume button.