A 3 2 1 Sequence after a pause

When you pause a mission and continue afterward, 3 2 1 sequence will start then.

Considering that this game is a Shoot 'em up game (with Bullet hell maybe) I think its quite common to add the features to the game (not that its a insult or anything Dev).

A great way to prepare. Like a bunch of egg on your way, you paused it make a maneuver to dodge it instead of a instant continue, a sequence will start counting down to continue.

You can use the same CI5 UI to this as well putting a 3 then 2 then 1 then all three disappear as that.

Do you think this will add considering that the style of this game is like Space Invaders?

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would be kinda annoying when pausing often

How often they will do if im asking

You can click the camera button to view the full game. Not needed in my opinion. Plus it’ll be annoying like Emerald said.

Good point and thanks for the tip.

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