90% accuracy in a single stage medal

I know it would be really difficult to acchieve, but it would be nice to get a medal when you play as a sniper for a whole stage…

How do you even get this with any upgraded weapon with spread?

Gonna guess that if 1 projectile hirs an enemy it would count as a hit, but then it’d be way too easy.
There’s no real way to balance this if not to just make it really hard, but I guess it could count as a decent achievement.

you don’t, weapons like utensil porker or the neutron one are spray and pray so of course you lose a lot of accuracy for the sake of power, but surely the plasma gun or positron one would be able to manage the sniper job, also a low level laser has a low number of beams so it’s pretty easy to go sniper

This is a thing.

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