5 Type Of Wave in CIU

Hi. It’s me Travis. I’m Gonna show you what Wave type is.

Also. Here a 5 Type Of wave in CIU

Normal Wave:Normal Wave means: these are number of wave Just like
Egg Field. Roundabout Etc.
Boss Wave (Coming Soon):Boss wave means: they are Type of Boss Like
CI3 CI4 CI5.
Note:There’s no CI3 Boss. Interaction Need to Develop CI3 Boss.
Food Farm (Coming Soon):Food Farm means: those are food wave, You can Farm Food To get THOUSAND OF FOOD. If you get too much food, Go to Space Burger to sell this food.
Note:I Always need this. i cant wait to see new version if there a Food Farm.
Comet Escape (Coming soon):Comet Escape Means:They are Comet wave. You need to escape a Comet before comet will go faster. If you get the End of the Comet wave. A Boss will appear.
Invade Wave(Coming Soon):I dont need that. i dont need to write a description

As i know if i created a Topic. Lemme know to post here.

@InterAction_studios Do you want to Develop a 4 Type of wave?
Edit:Create a Reply here if you know ideas.

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Good ideas, I would like to see them in CIU.