5 medal ideas (score, food and squadron)

I’ve been thinking about the medal system in CIU. Like seriously. And I’ve come up with 5 medal ideas that could be added in the game. Medals that could motivate players to be up to bigger challenges and grind the game. Not to mention how one of the 5 medals would help improving the squadron feature. Here are the 5 medal ideas below:

All-Time Score Medal

Every time someone obtains 50B points, they are awarded an All-Time Score Medal (reaching 50B = 1st medal, reaching 100B = 2nd medal, reaching 150B = 3rd medal, and so on). Yes, I am aware that the 50k Wave Stamp exists in CIU and is a big challenge. So is the All-Time Score Medal. The difference between these concern their strategies. You get the Stamp quickly by speedrunning and grinding easy Squawk Block missions, but you get the Medal quickly by speedrunning and grinding hard missions (including hard Boss Rush missions).

Daily Score Medal

The Daily Score Medal is awarded to the player with the highest score in a day. The Daily and Weekly Wave Medals exist in CIU, so why not including the Daily and Weekly Score Medals?

Weekly Score Medal

The Weekly Score Medal is awarded to the player with the highest score in a week. I won’t repeat (lol).

100k Food Selling Medal

Every time someone sells 100k units of food to a Space Burger at once, they are awarded a 100k Food Selling Medal (100k at once = 1 medal, 200k at once = 2 medals, 300k at once = 3 medals, and so on). Of course, we do have the 10k Food Selling Medal, but how about a 100k Food Selling Medal as a test of patience? Because players tend (more or less) to sell smaller amounts of food for additional keys while in a hurry to get enough keys to buy a specific item (for example, a legendary spacecraft). Or they just want to get the additional keys as early as possible.

Squadron Assignment Medal

Every time someone completes 100 assignments (from any squadron), they are awarded a Squadron Assignment Medal (cap at 100 assignments = cap at 1 medal, cap at 200 assignments = cap at 2 medals, cap at 300 assignments = cap at 3 medals, and so on). This medal would be released in CIU in order to test out the loyalty of every player to squadrons and motivate them to complete assignments.

Let me know about your thoughts regarding my Medal Ideas!

May the Stars always shine with you!



a lot of this would be just slightly more encouragement for mindless grinding


What do you mean by that?

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