4 waves of terminator Chickens in The Yolk-Star™

In CI3 The Yolk-Star™ haved 4 waves of “chicken terminators” but today have three!
Im thinking what need have four waves again
Chicken invaders 3:
Complete progresa of health (20-40-60-80)
Today: (25-50-75)

Yes, if IA acept this idea, everyone its going to have a nightmare. :grimacing:

I’d rather have a 12 laser yolk star to be honest


Why not both? :sweat_smile:

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I’d rather suffering with 14 Laser yolk instead of suffering with those terminators

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How about 2 yolks, one at the top and one at the bottom, each with 10 lasers.
Edit: Actually it would make more sense for one to be on the side rather than on top or bottom.

How many waves of terminator chickens should the Yolk-Star™ have?

  • 3 waves (as it is now in CIU)
  • 4 waves (as it had in CI3)

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Maybe it can depend on chosen difficulty skill?

SSH should have 6 because that’s how many bars is on it’s icon.


Your idea is quite bizzarra, but I accept any idea and I will take it into account, I don’t care if it’s bad, good, absurd or serious.
But I will keep them in mind to create a new idea, good or bad


I think that’s the most reasonable thing to do here. Give higher difficulties more waves of terminator chickens. (But i would tone down their strength a bit too. So we have more waves but less armored chickens/chickenauts in it)

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I would like both ways exist to add variety but with some balancing e.g. 7 lasers with 3 waves, 6 laser with 4 waves, 5 lasers with 5 waves in max difficulty. Sometimes it feels interesting when you meet the same guy but with different behavior right?

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